EUCLID faculty members constitute a truly global team spanning all 5 continents and training global leaders.


EUCLID affiliation provides career stability and a long-term reference, with institutional support for career-building.


EUCLID faculty work is mostly done on a contractor / supplemental basis, but with rewarding compensation to encourage excellence in teaching.

Achieving Professor Status under new International Guidelines

World Bank funding for accreditation and quality assurance agencies is resulting in a global uniformity of standards as well as more stringent requirements to quality of full professor status. EUCLID affiliation can assist as follows:

Publications and Portfolio

Discover a selection of features and publications by EUCLID faculty members,  as well as select papers by graduate students:

The Power of Volunteering

EUCLID exists – in part – thanks to the long term dedication of our high-level network of pro-bono faculty members and officials. This valuable commitment makes it possible to EUCLID to offer full and partial scholarships to current and future leaders.

Delivering Transforming Education to the Best

Over the past 10 years and to this day, EUCLID has delivered world-class open and distance education to officials and staff of the some of the world’s most iconic organizations, including:

US Government

US government federal agencies including State Dpt


European Investment Bank - a major multilateral bank

Swiss Armed Forces

Swiss excellence at the service of peace


The United Nations agency dedicated to children and youth

United Nations

The world's foremost intergovernmental organization


A special educational partner

US Government

US government federal agencies including State Dpt

Catholic Church / Holy See

One the world's oldest and most important institutions